Route planner at your fingertip.

With TouchTrails you can easily plan routes, measure distances and explore elevation profiles.

Simply draw routes, trails and tracks with your finger and export them to gpx.

Measure Distances

How far did you run last time? With TouchTrails you can easily measure distances.

Explore Elevation Profiles

Will there be many climbs on your next bike tour? Check out elevation profiles for your trips.

View Trails

Unknown terrain ahead? Import tracks from various sources and find your way.

Route Planner

Want to plan your next trekking tour? Create tracks & routes with your fingertip.

Import GPX Files

Import and combine as many gpx files as you want.

Everything at Your Fintertip

Simply draw routes with your finger. Create tracks, erase parts and merge trails.

Go Offline

Download map tiles to use them offline later.


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