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Tongariro Alpine Crossing

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is a world-renowned hike located in the Tongariro National Park in the central North Island of New Zealand. This hike is considered one of the best one-day hikes in the world and a must-do for outdoor enthusiasts visiting the area. The trail takes you through a diverse landscape of volcanic terrain, including emerald lakes, colorful volcanic craters, and active geothermal areas. The hike is approximately 19.4 km and takes most people 6-8 hours to complete.

The hike starts at the Mangatepopo carpark and takes you through the Mangatepopo Valley, where you will cross the Mangatepopo stream and begin a steady climb up to the South Crater. From there, the trail takes you over the South Crater and through the highly active volcanic area of the Central Crater. The hike then descends into the Red Crater, the highest point of the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, at 1886m.

The views from the top are truly spectacular, you will be able to see the other volcanoes in the park, Mt. Ngauruhoe and Mt. Tongariro and the emerald lakes, the Blue Lake and the Green Lake. The descent takes you through the Ketetahi Valley and ends at the Ketetahi carpark. The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is considered a challenging hike due to its steep inclines and uneven terrain, it’s recommended that you have a good level of fitness and be prepared for changing weather conditions. This hike is perfect for hikers, backpackers, and nature lovers looking for a challenging and rewarding experience with incredible scenery. If you’re planning to visit Tongariro National Park, make sure to add the Tongariro Alpine Crossing to your itinerary.

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