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Display Modes

The map view seamlessly transitions between two distinct display modes, each tailored to your specific mapping needs.

Edit Mode

Upon initiating a new map, the interface gracefully adopts the edit mode, granting you access to a versatile array of tools for route and waypoint refinement.

Exiting the edit mode is straightforward; a single tap on the “x” button Exit edit mode located at the bottom right corner of the map concludes your editing session.

View Mode

Upon accessing an existing map or importing external GPX files, the map view typically embraces the view mode. In this mode, editing capabilities are temporarily suspended, affording you the opportunity to observe without modification.

To shift into the edit mode, a straightforward tap on the edit button Enter edit mode nestled at the bottom right of the map facilitates the transition.

It’s noteworthy that a unique scenario arises when importing GPX files or accessing maps through shared links. In such cases, the view mode predominates. However, before initiating edits, tap on the save button Save in TouchTrails  to store the map within TouchTrails, thus enabling the transition to the edit mode.

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