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GPS Tracking

Harness the power of GPS precision through seamless tracking activation, facilitated by the GPS Tracking tool GPS tracking.

Commence Tracking

Embark on your tracking journey by tapping the button located at the map’s bottom Start GPS tracking. This simple action initiates real-time location tracking.

Battery-Efficient Operation

Optimize your battery usage effortlessly. Dim the screen or press the home button, transitioning TouchTrails to the background without interrupting tracking. The journey continues seamlessly.

Enhanced Precision with “Snap to Road”

For heightened tracking accuracy, consider the “snap to road” feature. Prior to commencing tracking, activate “Snap to RoadSnap to road. This innovative feature aligns your tracking path with existing roads and trails for pinpoint precision.

Permission Notice for “Snap to Road”

For “snap to road” functionality, additional permissions are required. Kindly grant the “Appear on top” permission to TouchTrails, ensuring your seamless utilization of this invaluable feature.

Appear on top permission screen with checked box for TouchTrails

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