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Tile Pack Limit

A constraint of 750 unique tile packs is enforced across all your offline regions.

Efficient Utilization

Overlapping regions can result in fewer tile packs being required than the cumulative sum of individual tile packs. This optimization enables you to potentially exceed the initial limit in certain scenarios.

Extending Tile Pack Capacity

Should you require additional offline regions beyond the established limit, you must first remove existing offline regions to free up space (see Delete Offline Regions).

Tile Pack Calculation

The calculation of tile packs involves a specific approach that might differ from a straightforward tally of individual tiles. Tile packs encompass data for various zoom levels, which allows them to efficiently store information. Unlike counting individual tiles, where each tile is accounted for separately, a tile pack consolidates data for multiple zoom levels into a single package.

Think of a tile pack as a well-organized bundle containing data for different levels of zoom. This bundling reduces the overall count of tile packs required compared to counting each tile individually. This efficiency is achieved by grouping data intelligently, optimizing the storage and retrieval of map information.

So, while tile packs might appear to be a more abstract concept, they are designed to make the most of the available resources and enhance the performance of your offline regions in TouchTrails.

For more detailed information on this concept:

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