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Share via Link

Expand your collaborative potential by effortlessly sharing your maps as links with others. Whether from the Maps List or the Map View, TouchTrails simplifies the sharing process.

Share from Maps List

  1. Long-press the desired map in the Maps List to select it. You can also select multiple maps simultaneously by tapping others after the first selection.
  2. Access the share button in the action bar.
    Share from projects list
  3. Choose “Share link”.
    Share via link from projects list
  4. Select your preferred sharing app (WhatsApp, email client, etc.) and proceed in the third-party application.

The shared link remains valid for 7 days. When the recipient opens the link on an Android device, TouchTrails will promptly launch and load the designated map. If TouchTrails isn’t yet installed, the Play Store will present the option for installation. Once the app is installed and launched, the shared map will be seamlessly accessible.

Share from Map View

  1. While in the Map View, tap the share button Share button in the action bar and opt for “Share link”.
    Share as link from map view
  2. Choose your preferred sharing app and continue within the third-party application.

Similarly, the shared link remains active for 7 days. When accessed on an Android device, the link efficiently launches TouchTrails, promptly loading the intended map. In cases where TouchTrails isn’t installed, the Play Store will facilitate a seamless installation process. Once the app is operational, the shared map will be instantly available.

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