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Rename Maps

Enhance map organization and clarity by easily renaming your maps in TouchTrails. Whether you’re in the Maps List or the Map View, map renaming is very easy.

Rename from Maps List

  1. Touch and hold the map you wish to rename to select it and tap on the three-dots button in the action bar to unveil more options.
    A project selected in the projects list and an arrow showing where to find the 3 dots menu
  2. Chose the “Rename” option from the menu.
    Rename project from projects list
  3. In the ensuing dialog, proceed to provide the new name for your map.
    Rename project dialog

Rename from Map View

  1. Alternatively, while in the Map View, tap on the map name displayed in the action bar.
    Rename project from map view
  2. This action will enable you to directly rename the map.
    Rename project dialog

Effortlessly maintain a well-organized workspace by promptly renaming maps to reflect their contents accurately. With TouchTrails, achieving clarity and effective map management is a simple endeavor.

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