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Elevation Profiles

Understanding Elevation Profiles

Within the elevation profile feature, you can gain insights into the elevation gains and losses of your designated routes.

Elevation profile with distance bar displaying distance and elevation gain/losses achieved and ahead.

Show or Conceal Elevation Profile

You have the capability to reveal or conceal the elevation profile by sliding it vertically.

Illustration showing how to slide up and down the elevation profile

Switch Between Routes

Elevation profiles and distance data pertain to the currently active route. Utilize the arrow buttons located in the upper bar to seamlessly switch between routes.

Showing where to find the buttons to activate the next route and the previous route

Your Location on the Route

When situated along the route, valuable details are presented on the distance bar beneath the elevation chart. The left side of this bar displays information on the distance traveled and elevation gains/losses achieved. On the right side, data pertaining to the upcoming distance and elevation alterations are exhibited.

Distance bar showing the distance and elevation gain/loss and the distance traveled and ahead

Exploration Tools

Enhance your exploration using the Explore Elevation tool Explore elevation. By dragging your finger along a route, you can precisely map locations on the route to corresponding positions on the elevation profile.

This process is bidirectional. You can also achieve the inverse by tracing your finger across the elevation profile to identify corresponding locations on the map.

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