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Create and Edit Waypoints

Elevate your mapping precision with effortless waypoint creation, allowing you to seamlessly mark critical positions on your map.

Create Waypoint Anywhere

Opt for the “Waypoint” tool Add and edit waypoints to initiate new waypoint creation. Simply touch and hold any point on the map to instantaneously establish a waypoint.

Create Waypoint at Your Location

Alternatively, employ the button Button to add waypoint at current user location at the map’s bottom to promptly add a waypoint at your current location.

Waypoint Metadata

After creating a waypoint, the waypoint editing dialog box is displayed, which contains a number of options for customizing the metadata:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Symbol
  • Color

Waypoint edit dialog

Symbols and Colors

Personalize your waypoint’s visual identity by accessing the button containing the presently selected icon and color Button to edit symbol and color of waypoint.

Select from an expansive array of over 100 symbols, culminating in a tailored waypoint expression.

List of symbols for waypoints

For color selection, a simple touch and hold on a symbol triggers a popup showcasing a diverse palette to choose from. Notably, while most icons offer this feature, some icons remain unalterable (e.g., red flag, green flag, blue flag) to maintain compatibility with third-party applications. The availability of variants is indicated by a subtle triangle in the bottom right corner.

Color selector for waypoints

Waypoint Editing

To refine waypoint details, a tap initiates the waypoint edit dialog’s ascent. This functionality seamlessly integrates with all tools except the “Move Map” tool Move map.

Waypoint Relocation

Leveraging the activated “Waypoint” tool Add and edit waypoints, touch and hold a waypoint to effortlessly relocate it. Drag it to your desired location, dynamically shaping your waypoint arrangement.

Waypoint Deletion

With the “Waypoint” tool Add and edit waypoints activated, touch and hold a waypoint, subsequently dragging it to the upper bar to facilitate deletion.

Showing where to drag a waypoint to delete it

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