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GPX Export

Empower your exploration by seamlessly exporting your routes as GPX files. As a premium user, TouchTrails offers you this invaluable feature, enhancing your navigation capabilities.

Export via Maps List

  1. From the Maps List, long-press the map you wish to export, then tap the three-dots button in the action bar to reveal further options.
    A project selected in the projects list and an arrow showing where to find the 3 dots menu              
  2. Select “Export (GPX)”.
    Export as GPX from projects list
  3. Designate your preferred location and filename to initiate the export.

Export via Map View

  1. While in the map view, access the import/export feature Import / export button from the action bar.

  2. Opt for the “Export (GPX)” option.
    Export GPX

  3. Specify your desired location and filename to initiate the export.

Sharing GPX Files

Discover the convenience of sharing GPX files directly with other applications by referring to the “Sharing” section of this guide.

Addressing Timestamps

When utilizing GPS tracking to craft your routes, each location features valid timestamps. However, for routes drawn or edited within TouchTrails, timestamps may either be absent or rendered invalid due to edits.

Notably, certain third-party apps necessitate accurate timestamps for successful GPX file importation. To address this, TouchTrails supplements any missing or inaccurate timestamps with synthesized ones. This ensures seamless compatibility and uncompromised functionality when integrating with other applications.

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