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Create Offline Regions

Initiate a New Region

To generate offline regions, navigate to the ‘Offline Maps’ tab if you have not done so already, and proceed to tap on the button with the “+” symbol.

Shows where to find the button with the + symbol

Assign a Descriptive Name

Provide a meaningful name for the offline region, and subsequently select the ‘Download region’ option.

Offline region naming dialog

Define the Area for Download

Subsequently, the interface will display the map along with a delineated rectangle outlining the designated download area.
Illustrates how to select the area for a offline region

You retain the capability to adjust this area according to your specifications, by manipulating the corner points, edges, as well as the center of the rectangle.

Choose the Appropriate Map Style

It is essential to note that offline regions will be generated solely for the chosen map style. Kindly ensure that the desired map style has been selected.
Shows how to select map style for offline region

Tile Pack Count

Positioned at the screen’s lower section, a panel provides an indication of the quantity of tile packs required for the designated download area. It is crucial to maintain a cumulative tally of unique tile packs across all offline regions within the limit of 750 (see Limits).

Panel with information about tile pack count and maximum zoom level slider

Customize Maximum Zoom Level

Within the same panel, an option allows for the adjustment of the maximum zoom level for downloads. This selection significantly influences the data volume required.

Upon configuring your preferences, proceed to tap ‘Download,’ thereby initiating the commencement of the download process.

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