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Turn-By-Turn Navigation

In your journey to discover the world with TouchTrails, our turn-by-turn navigation feature shines as a guiding star. This feature, available to our valued premium users, is your compass to unlocking a seamless outdoor adventure.

Activating Your Route

To initiate this feature’s directional prowess, ensure that the desired route is activated. For those with a singular route on the map, rest assured – activation is already in play. Should your map display multiple routes, effortlessly toggle between them using the arrow keys situated in the upper bar.

Showing where to find the buttons to activate the next route and the previous route

Seamless Navigation On-the-Go

A mere tap on the navigation’s outset button in the top bar sets your adventure in motion.

Shows where to find the button to start navigation

Bear in mind, navigation only starts when you’re within a suitable distance of the route – around 200 meters (650 feet) or less. If you’re farther away, TouchTrails may suggest utilizing a third-party app like Google Maps to guide you to your route’s starting point.

Dialog asking if third party app should be used to navigate to starting point of route

Intelligent Turn-by-Turn Guidance

TouchTrails, your steadfast companion, strives to seamlessly integrate your route with existing roads and trails. This fusion culminates in comprehensive turn-by-turn instructions, elegantly displayed within the navigation banner and eloquently conveyed through voice prompts.

Navigation banner with turn-by-turn instructions

The Compass Beckons

In cases where route-road alignment becomes a challenge, rest assured. TouchTrails steps in to guide you with an intuitive compass, an unwavering companion visible within the navigation banner.

Navigation banner with compass

Stop Navigation

Your adventure, your control. Stopping navigation is a breeze; just tap the ‘x’ within the navigation banner.

Shows where to find 'x' button to exit navigation

Map Manipulation

Should your exploration veer into map manipulation, regain your bearings seamlessly. The re-center button Re-center button, positioned at the map’s bottom, brings you back to your origin with finesse.

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