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Edit Routes

Masterfully fine-tune your route particulars with these precision tools, guaranteeing your paths are intricately tailored.

Erase Segments of Routes

Activate the erase tool Erase routes and gracefully traverse across the route sections you wish to remove.

Route Division

Effortlessly divide a route by erasing a central segment using the erase tool Erase routes.

Route is split in the middle with the erase tool

Combine Routes

When a single map accommodates multiple routes, their harmonious merger beckons. Engage the “Draw Routes” tool Draw routes, ceasing the drawing process of one route near the endpoint of another. TouchTrails extends an invitation: Merge or maintain separation? This facilitates seamless merging, even spanning diverse GPX files.

Merge routes together

Color Routes

Craft distinctive visual flair by assigning colors to your routes. Within the Color Selector Color selector, designate your preferred hue.

Colors for routes

To implement your chosen color, employ the “Draw New Route” tool Draw new routes, which generates fresh routes adorned with the selected color. Alternatively, refine the color of an existing route through the “Change Route Colors” tool Change route colors. Activate the tool, tap the route in question, and observe its transformation.

Multiple routes with different colors on a map

Route Deletion

To expunge routes from the map, glide across the entire route employing the erase tool Erase routes or utilize the delete button within the Routes List.

Explanation how to open routes list and delete route from there

Route Reversal

Within the Routes List, indulge the ability to reverse route directions, enhancing your navigation possibilities. Explaination how to open the routes list and where to find the reverse route button

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