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Routes List

The routes list serves as an invaluable repository of all available routes within your map. Particularly advantageous when multiple routes are present, this list affords comprehensive options for route management and manipulation.

Accessing the Routes List

To access the routes list, simply tap the arrow located on the right side of the upper bar. A subsequent tap on the same area allows you to swiftly close the list.

Shows how to access the routes list


Routes list with all its tools labeled

Focus route icon Focus on Routes

Center the map on the selected route.

Toggle route visiblity icon Route Visibility

Toggle route visibility seamlessly. Effortlessly control the display of your routes based on your immediate needs.

Lock route icon Route Locking

Engage the lock to safeguard a route against inadvertent alterations. Once a route is locked, any attempts to draw, erase, or modify it will be temporarily suspended. Unlocking the route restores full editing functionality.

Reverse route icon Route Reversal

Reverse the direction of a selected route.

Delete routes icon Route Deletion

Effortlessly eliminate a route through this option, , effectively removing the entire route from your map.

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