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Share GPX File

Facilitate efficient collaboration by directly sharing your maps as GPX files with other apps. Premium users can effortlessly share their maps from both the Maps List and the Map View.

Share from Maps List

  1. Touch and hold the map you want to share to select it. After the first map is selected, you can tap on other maps to select them as well. This allows you to share multiple maps at the same time.
  2. Access the share button in the action bar.
    Share from projects list
  3. Opt for “Share file”.
    Share gpx from projects list
  4. Choose the desired app to process the file(s) – whether it’s a map-related app, WhatsApp, an email client, or any other preferred application.

Share from Map View

  1. While in the Map View, tap the share button Share button in the action bar and select the “Share file” option.
    Share gpx from map view

Choose the app you prefer to process the file – whether it’s another map-related app, WhatsApp, an email client, or your application of choice.

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